Our Practice Areas

Tort and Insurance Defense

The firm maintains a broad defense practice on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds and self-insured entities, including large retailers. Our attorneys provide litigation services in many legal areas, including premises liability, product liability, dram shop liability, motor vehicle liability, UM/UIM defense, construction defect, and wrongful death. Our attorneys are also experienced in providing coverage analysis and representing insurance carriers in coverage disputes and bad faith actions.

The firm works to resolve cases quickly and efficiently to best serve the interests of our clients. When trial is necessary, our attorneys are well-prepared to achieve a favorable verdict. 

The firm diligently adheres to the specific billing and reporting requirements of each client and insurance carrier. We believe that our clients are entitled to prompt reporting on litigation developments, an effective and cost-efficient defense, and sound recommendations concerning the successful and expeditious resolution of claims.

Medical and Professional Liability

The firm defends a variety of professionals and health care providers, including hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, dentists, nurses, pharmacies and pharmacists, phlebotomists, physical therapists, and others in a full range of malpractice and liability cases, including cases with devastating injuries, wrongful death, and punitive damages.  Among our clients, we count large hospital chains and health care systems, a major national laboratory testing company, local nursing home companies, including the physicians and medical staff associated with these organizations, as well as individual medical practitioners. 

Our attorneys have combined decades of experience representing medical professionals and facilities at all stages of litigation, from pre-litigation matters encompassing investigation, evidence preservation and claim evaluation, as well as the defense of lawsuits from the earliest stages of discovery through trial and appeal.  We have successfully defended our professional liability clients at the trial level in numerous courts throughout the region.  Our attorneys rely on their extensive litigation skills and comprehensive knowledge of medical procedures, practices, concepts and terminology to develop efficient, effective, and case-specific defenses that result in favorable results for our clients.  Our far-reaching professional liability experience allows us to quickly identify the key issues in each case and focus our approach to the case accordingly, determining whether it is a matter that is suitable for early resolution, will require extensive litigation or falls somewhere between the two extremes.  By doing so, we provide our clients with cost-effective representation that is proactive and targeted to the specific needs of each case and client. 

Trucking and Transportation

The firm defends regional trucking companies, national carriers, retailers, and insurance companies in commercial vehicle accident cases, including cases involving serious injury, wrongful death, and punitive damages.

Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience at all stages of trucking litigation, including pre-litigation investigation, document preservation, and evaluation of claims, and defense of cases through trial and appeal. The firm works closely with local and state law enforcement agencies to ensure prompt and judicious investigation of accidents. We believe in a collaborative approach and partner with highly qualified experts, including medical professionals, accident reconstructionists, and mechanical engineers, as necessary, to quickly investigate accidents and develop a strong defense plan. 

With a proactive response and targeted investigation efforts, the firm is able to leverage its expertise to achieve early resolution of claims and favorable results in litigation and trial. Our attorneys are well-equipped to assess and defend alleged violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. We are committed to staying up-to-date on statutory and regulatory law and keeping our transportation industry clients well-informed about changes and trends affecting their business.

Employment Law

Businesses today face numerous challenges navigating an ever-changing workforce and evolving legal requirements.  Our attorneys are experienced and adept at helping employers navigate and find solutions to these challenges.  We work with private businesses, educational institutions and non-profit agencies to handle a variety of employment law issues such as wage disputes, claims under the Family and Medical Leave Act, disability accommodation, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful discharge claims. 

Our attorneys recognize the importance of a prompt and thorough investigation of such claims and are committed to working with our clients to develop appropriate strategies for responding to employee-driven lawsuits.  Our experienced attorneys will vigorously defend such lawsuits in state and federal court, seeking opportunities for dismissal or summary judgment and litigating cases through trial and appeal, if necessary.    When appropriate, we will also work with our clients to develop alternative strategies for case resolution that are in our clients’ best interest.  In addition to litigation, we have also successfully represented employers before administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights and the Department of Labor.  

Our attorneys are also committed to counseling clients on best employment practices to ensure compliance with the law and minimize risk.  We can help develop policies and handbooks, as well as provide guidance on issues ranging from employee discipline, restrictive covenants, and employment agreements.  At all times, our primary goal is to offer practical, efficient and effective solutions to the complex legal issues faced by employers​.

Commercial Litigation

The firm represents both large corporations and small businesses in a broad variety of commercial litigation matters.  Our representations have included complex breach of contract actions, royalty disputes, unfair competition actions, and claims of wrongful interference with business relationships. A recurring goal in these matters is to implement a strategy for simplifying complex factual disputes, while advocating the client’s position to a judge or jury.  In most instances, legal briefing is critical to the process and our attorneys take pride in their ability to analyze complex issues and clearly and persuasively articulate a client’s position in writing.  Aside from courtroom advocacy, the firm is also experienced in counseling clients on their legal position before disputes develop into litigation and offering advice on possible pre-litigation resolution.

Appellate and Constitutional Law

We represent corporate and individual clients in complex constitutional and civil rights litigation in both state and federal courts throughout Kentucky. Our representation includes all phases of the constitutional and civil rights litigation process, from the earliest stages of investigation through complex motion practice and trial as well as on appeal. This familiarity with all aspects of the litigation process, including the substantive and procedural issues specific to such litigation, enables us to help our clients navigate complex constitutional litigation with sound, strategic decision-making that is based upon years of proven experience.


Our team’s experience includes successfully representing clients in cases involving complex constitutional and civil rights issues at all levels of the state and federal court systems. Our lawyers have experience successfully briefing and arguing high-profile appeals before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court. We also have experience engaging in successful motion practice before the United States Supreme Court. Our team possesses not only superior research and writing skills necessary for appellate advocacy, but also has substantial jury trial experience which enables them to be forward-thinking about legal and factual issues at the earliest stages of the litigation.